10 Best Plagiarism Checker | Free & Paid Tools For SEO

Do you want your service or product page or your content to be at the forefront of Google or other search engines? If your reply is yes, then first we will talk about the uniqueness of your writing. Depending on how unique your content is, Google or other search engines bring your page or post to the forefront of their platform. So it is important to check how unique your content is. And yes, if the content is not unique, the search engines will catch your content plagiarism. So, to get your page or post to the top of the search engine, you have to be free your content from plagiarism. In this case, you can take the help of the plagiarism checker tool and you can check by a tool easily. We have researched and selected the 10 best tools that you can use without hesitation.

1. Prowritingaid

Prowritingaid is the best plagiarism checker among other tools to check plagiarism for search engines, Amazon, eBay and more. You will find more powerful solutions when you use ProWritingAid’s Plagiarism Checker tool. This tool provides 100% accurate results in this case checking duplicate content or article or text.

Prowritingaid - plagiarism checker

This application supports multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian and many more. It is a tool that enables you to check your content against many web pages, academic papers, publishing work to ensure uniqueness.

The app or tool allows you to import DOCX, DOC, PDF, HTML and RTF etc formates. This allows you to run reports through the online editing tool or Microsoft Word Add-In. You will get color-coded concentration-based results. The tool allows you to compare content side by side easily. They have 24/7 support online. You can use the application without any doubt and get more features.

Plans & Pricing: Prowritingaid is a premium tool, it has no free plan. Although this is an expensive app, it provides a more powerful solution when you use it. It starts from $10 for 10 checks. They have more plans and to know other plans Go Now. They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any plan.

2. CopyScape

Copyscape has a free plagiarism checker tool for finding copies of your web pages by links.
Besides, the tool provides two more powerful professional solutions for preventing content or article plagiarism fraud:

Copyscape Premium offers more powerful plagiarism detection than the free service. The plan provides as well as many more features like copy-paste originality check, batch search, Word file upload, PDF, private index, case tracking, an API and WordPress integration.

Copysentry automatically scans your website daily or weekly and provides you with comprehensive protection by emailing you when new copies of your content are found.

Copyscape also provides a free plagiarism warning banner that helps you to warn your website potential plagiarists against stealing your content or article. Besides, it provides a free tool to compare two web pages and a comprehensive guide to dealing with plagiarism.

Plans & Pricing: You are to Enter the purchase amount between $5.00 and $500.00 for Copyscape Premium Credits. The minimum per search cost of $0.5 for the content of 400 words and the Maximum per search cost is $5 for the content of 49,900 words. If you want to buy the service with PayPal, you need the minimum amount to be $10. Its validity period is 12 months and you may use these credits at any time over the next 12 months.

3. Quetext

Quetext is another online article plagiarism checker that is easy to use for you. You can check the copied article with just one click. It is by far the best-looking duplicate checker tool. The tool allows you to only copy and paste your content or article into the text box to check plagiarism. You can’t upload files or other formats to check or scan.

Quetext - Plagiarism detector

Plans & Pricing: Quetext has both free and premium plans. It allows checking 5 pages for free per user. On the other hand, the premium plan price is $9 per month per user that provides you more features than the free plan.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best online plagiarism checker tool for especially grammar errors checking of text or articles. Grammarly has browser extensions that users can easily use. Besides, Grammarly provides a powerful tool to scan plagiarism. It detects plagiarism in your content or text and checks for other writing issues like grammar, spelling etc. It allows you to check plagiarism by copy-paste and upload files like Txt, Doc, Docx, RTF, ODT, Htm, Html etc.

Grammarly - Plagiarism checker online

Plans & Pricing: They have a free plan forever including features such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc errors checking. But it is not allowed to check plagiarism for the free plan. So you must purchase a premium plan to use Grammarly’s plagiarism checking tool and get more features with free plan’s features. The premium plan price is $12/month per user and the business plan price is $12.50/month for 3+ users.

5. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is one of the best plagiarism checker tools that supports checking plagiarism in more than 100 languages. It is to scan all text file formats supported including doc, Docx, pdf and more. It helps you to get an extensive search across the internet and various databases duplicate content. The tool helps to get comprehensive and accurate results teachers, students, SEO writers, publishers, bloggers, and anyone creating original content online checks for plagiarism and duplicate content.

Article plagiarism checker

The Copyleaks allows integrating your website or platform with their API. It’s very easy to avoid copy articles and get reports about the duplicate contents so that your work becomes fully original.

Plans & Pricing: Copyleaks offers 20 free scans per month. Their paid plan is separated into two steps such as Academia & Education and Business & Enterprise.

In the case of the Academia & Education plan, it allows you to check plagiarism 100 pages/month with 25k words for $10.99/month (billed monthly) or 1200 pages/year with 300k words for $109.92/year (billed yearly). It is their starting price range.

Besides, In the case of the Business & Enterprise plan, it allows you to check plagiarism 100 pages/month with 25k words for $9.99/month (billed monthly) or 1200 pages/year with 300k words for $99.96/year (billed yearly) which is their starting price range.

6. Unicheck

Unicheck is also another plagiarism detector tool that supports multiple text formats supported including Docx, RTF, txt, odt, HTML, pdf, ppt etc. It compares an uploaded text to web sources that appeared only 5 hours before the search. It has a chrome extension to scan and get results easily. You can check plagiarism in a document quickly and the tool scans each page within 4 seconds. Unicheck can handle thousands of checks at once without slowing down.

Plagiarism Detector -  Unicheck

Plans & Pricing: There is no free trial to try Unicheck’s plagiarism detector. You need to buy a plan to check the page. However, they have a free plagiarism checker tool but you must purchase a plan to check plagiarism. The paid price range starts at $5 for checking 20 pages or documents.

7. PlagScan

PlagScan is a plagiarism checker that is suitable for students. You can get accurate results. It is a tool that has won awards for its interface. It allows you to check plagiarism by upload from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or your desktop easily. You can analyze duplicate content and get clear accurate reports. The plagiarism of documents was highlighted. You can work offline on your computer by exporting the plagiarism report as a Word or PDF document which is a different feature among other tools.

Plagiarism Remover - PlagScan

Plans & Pricing: Plagscan offers a free trial to check plagiarism for 20 free credits or 20 scans. Their paid plan, Private Plan starts at $5.99 for scanning 24 pages with 6000 words and for this, the cost is $1/1000 words. Besides, Business Plan’s price range starts at $17.99/month for scanning 200 pages which is an average of 250 words per page.

8. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is software that you need to download and install on your computer to use. It helps you to get instant results with the best user experience. It allows you to scan unlimited. You can check your assignments, papers, books and your web pages. It keeps private your data for security. The software has been reinvented with the latest AI-enabled technology of Deep-learning that allows backend processors to test even the smallest bit of data in all online public content.

Online Plagiarism Checker X

It provides built-in Word and PDF Support and you can get color-based plagiarism results in the document. You can export the plagiarism results as a PDF or a word file. Although you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your system, you can now use this feature.
They have 24/7 support online.

Plans & Pricing: They offer a free trial that allows you to check 30 with 120 words per day for free forever. You can use Lifetime by purchasing their premium plan only once for Unlimited Words. Their premium plan starts from $39.95 with including features 1 User License, Unlimited words, Lifetime Package License, 24/7 Customer Support and 1 Year Maintenance Plan.

9. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is the best free tool among free plagiarism checkers online. It allows you to check 1000 words per search and you can check unlimited. It allows you to upload multiple formats of documents including doc, Docx, tex, txt, RTF, ODT, pdf, and. It also allows you to upload from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Besides, you can also check plagiarism by pasting a website or webpage URL. You can get three kinds of views as Sentence wise, Matched Source, and Document view. It supports checking duplicate contents in multiple languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Español, Dutch, etc. After the results are in, you can find by a click on the “Compare” button that where the plagiarized (red color) content is coming from.

Plans & Pricing: SmallSEOTools’s plagiarism checker is completely free forever. It has no paid plan. SmallSEOTools has more free tools that you can use for free unlimited easily.

10. SEOToolsTotal

SEOToolsTotal has also the best plagiarism checker for checking string-wise that is completely free forever. It is a powerful tool because it scans a string of articles that is suitable for Google bots and ranking on Google search engine in a little time. This tool is mainly built for google. SEOToolsTotal’s this tool provides 100% accurate results. You can follow this tool without a doubt. It works like other paid tools. It allows you to check plagiarism only by copy-paste. You can check plagiarism for an article of 1200 words in a few seconds.

Plagiarism Checker Free

Plans & Pricing: SEOToolsTotal’s all tools are totally free forever. So, their plagiarism checker tool is also free that you can search unlimited. They have no paid plan. Besides, SEOToolsTotal’s other SEO related-tools also can use for free forever.

FAQs About Plagiarism Checkers

(i) Which is the best Plagiarism checker tools?

Best plagiarism checker tools such as 1. Prowritingaid, 2. Copyscape, 3. Quetext, 4. Grammarly, 5. Copyleaks, 6. Unicheck, 7. Plagscan, 8. Plagiarism Checker X. Besides, the best tools are 9. SmallSEOTools and 10. SEOToolsTotal for free forever. Which one you will use depends on you. However, we recommend that you can use any of these. On the other hand, if you want to use the free tool, you can use the SmallSEOTools or SEOToolsTotal’s Plagiarism checker tool. SEOToolsTotal provides string-wise (Compatible for Google Bots) results and SmallSEOTools provides sentence-wise results.

(ii) What is plagiarism and why shouldn’t plagiarized content be used?

Plagiarism means presenting the words or contents, thoughts, or ideas of an individual or organization as one’s own. It is a crime to copy someone else’s content and use it for one’s own purposes. So you must be aware of this. Search engines also do not accept plagiarized content or articles. So your content must be 100% plagiarism-free.

(iii) What is the importance of plagiarism-free content for search engines?

Search engines are very aware of the originality of content. Search engines can easily capture copied content. If you use someone else’s content or plagiarized content, your page or post will be removed by search engines from the first row of its platform. Therefore, unique content plays an important role in the field of ranking. We highly recommend keeping unique content on your website for better results.

(iv) What are Types of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be of different types. Such as-
(1) Direct Plagiarism,
(2) Accidental Plagiarism,
(3) Self Plagiarism,
(4) Mosaic Plagiarism.

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