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Do you want to easily find the email of any person or company? Can’t find the desired email for your business? Yes, we have selected the 20 best email finders for you. These tools help you find a list of verified email IDs in minutes. Many email finders offer personalization templates that help you send emails with confidence and speed. So, We suggest you that find out targeted emails then run an email marketing campaign for the best result.

1. AeroLeads

Email Finder Chrome
Email Finder | AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the best email finder chrome extensions to find out any email. It is used by over 121,942 marketing professionals. The tool speeds up your lead generation effort by automating the email search process and creating a list of unique emails in less time. This tool lets you search for LinkedIn and Xing business emails with a single click. You will receive all the necessary information starting from name, occupation, email address, phone numbers, company and up to 15 points.

Plan: They offer a free trial with 10 credits to see how you can find possibilities. Their paid plans start from $49 per month with 1000 credits to $499 with 15,000 credits. Besides, there has also an enterprise package.

2. Hunter

Email Finder
Email Finder | Hunter.io

Hunter is an email finder tool that helps to find the email account of any website. Hunter helps you get the email ID behind a website. Their Advanced Domain Search feature lists all people working in an organization or company, including names and emails found on the website. It has a Chrome extension that helps you to get email from any website.

Hunter allows you to find out professional email addresses in seconds. Besides, you can connect with people who are important to your business. It is used by over 2,000,000 professionals and is chosen by leading companies.

Plan: You can search 25 for free per month. Their paid plan starts from $49/month with 500 searches. Their enterprise plan price is $399 with 30,000 searches per month (Billed monthly).

3. SignalHire

Email Finder Extension
Email Finder | SignalHire

SignalHire is an email finder extension that helps you find email addresses for almost everyone on the web. It also helps to get phone numbers with profiles compiled from multiple sources. It provides all verified data, so you don’t need to do any cleanup.

Plan: They offer a free trial for 5 credits per month forever and no credit card is required.
The tool pricing plan starts from $49/monthly (Billed monthly) or $468/yearly (Billed yearly) with 350 email credits or 100 phone credits.

4. FindThatLead

Best Email finder Chrome Extension
Email Finder | FindThatLead

FindThatLead is the Smartest B2B Sales Prospecting Tool for any Business. The tool helps you get emails from social media platforms like- LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular web platforms. They have a chrome extension. This is an email finder that provides verified email lists. so not needed to clean up any email. FindThatLead has a support team.

Plan: They offer a free plan to test forever without credit card submit. Their paid plan starts at $49/month (Billed monthly) or $490/yearly (Billed yearly) for 5000 credits by 1 user.

5. Clearbit

Bulk Email Finder
Email Finder | Clearbit

Clearbit is one of the most powerful bulk email finder tools. You can also consider this tool when it comes to finding emails in bulk. Besides, it provides contact information, name, location and lead management. They have a chrome extension to collect data easily.You can integrate with Clearbit like Salesforce, Segment, Clearbit APIs, Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo etc.

Plan: They have a free package that allows you to find the email with up to 50 credits. Their the Paid plan starts at $199/month.

6. ContactOut

Email Finder Tools
Email Finder | ContactOut

ContactOut is one of the best email finder tools. It has advanced AI engines to find the contacts of more than one billion professionals in the world. They provide verified emails with 99% accuracy. They have a Chrome extension that helps find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn.

Plan: They have no free trial. Their paid plan starts at $49/month (billed monthly) with 100 credits or $468/yearly (Billed yearly) with 1200 credits/yearly. They have Team collaboration, Enterprise support online.

7. Voila Norbert

Email Finder Chrome Extension
Email Finder | Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a complete solution for leads generation. They have email templates creation tool with an email finder chrome extension, email sending & email validation tool, online support, and many more features. Viola Norbert helps you to get qualified leads. They have advanced integration (e.g. Google Chrome, Salesforce, Mailshake, Drip, Hubspot, etc.). It verifies email ids and contacts.

Plan: They offer to get 50 leads for free. Their paid plan starts at $49/month (billed monthly) or $444/yearly (billed yearly) to find 1000 leads with 50 bulk users.

8. Lusha

Email Finder Tool
Email Finder | Lusha

Lusha is also a popular email finder tool and it has a chrome extension. They have advanced search filters to find your ideal prospects in minutes. You can find out B2B contacts like- email addresses, phone numbers, company names, etc. It is used by over 120,000 companies to connect with their prospects and increase revenue.

Plan: They offer 5 credits/month for free forever. Their paid plan starts from $99/month with 100 credits for up to 2 users (billed monthly) or $948/yearly (billed yearly) with 1200 credits for 2 users. They give online support like email, live chat etc.

9. GetProspect

LinkedIn Email Finder
Email Finder | GetProspect

GetProspect is a LinkedIn email finder tool. GetPrespect is B2B lead generation platform. you can find out personal contact information by the tool. It helps you to give accurate contact information. Such as Name, Company and LinkedIn URL etc. They have a chrome extension. GetProspect provides valid email address by checking.

Plan: GetProspect’s free trial provides 100 discovered emails per month. Their paid starter plan starts from $49/month (billed monthly) or $408/yearly (billed yearly) with 1000 discovered emails.

10. UpLead

Email Finder For Lead generation
Email Finder | Uplead

Uplead, the email finder tool offers a free trial for 5 credits. They have also online live chat support. You can build prospecting lists for free from dodgy data, low-qualified leads and bad-fit buyers. They claim B2B prospecting with 95% data accuracy. Uplead has also an extension for the chrome browser.

The tool allows you to click on any search filter like location, organization or company, size, earnings, name, etc. And it allows you to get an updated list of built-in possibilities in real-time. Uplead integrates seamlessly with Japier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailshake, etc.

Plan: Their pricing plan starts from $99/month (billed monthly)with 170 credits or $890/yearly (Billed annually) with 2,040 Credits.

11. RocketReach

Email Address Finder
Email Finder | RocketReach

RocketReach is a powerful email finder tool. They have a chrome browser extension that helps you to find out from LinkedIn profiles or any websites. It helps you to connect with the right decision-makers in the company to find their email address and important details.

The tool uses over 8.5 million users worldwide. They have live chat, phone call, email support. You can use to find the email, phone, and social media links for anyone.

Plan: Their paid plan starts at $59/month with 125 lookups or $468/yearly with 1,500 lookups.

12. Anymail Finder

Email Finder Software
Email Finder | Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is a highly reviewed email finder software that provides 100% verified emails in minutes. They only use that pattern if at least 70% of the emails in that domain fit that pattern. If they cannot verify through their servers, they will be considered free.

They claim 97% Accuracy. Anymail Finder’s highly reliable API lets you easily find anyone’s email from just names and domains. If a name is not available, it helps to identify the lead from a URL or organization name.

Plan: Like other tools, it has a trial plan. They offer you 90 verified emails for a free trial. Besides, They offer a free trial for each paid plan. Their paid plan starts at $49 per month for 1000 verified emails. They have also online live chat support.

13. Prospect.io

Lead Generation And Email Finder
Email Finder | Prospect.io

Prospect.io is a lead generation tool that is a complete solution with an email finder and verifier feature. The platform uses 1,300+ companies around the world. Prospect.io helps to build prospecting lists along with combining emails, social, and follow-up calls into multichannel campaigns to connect with more customers or traffics. It has also a prospect.io chrome extension to find contact information.

Plan: They offer a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required. After that, you have to pay $19 per month for The “Base” plan or you can buy another Plan. Their other paid plan starts from $39/month. Prospect.io has email and live chat support online.

14. Snov.io

best email finder tools
Email Finder | Snov.io

Snov.io is one of the best email finder tools and lead generation platforms. It helps you to get a person’s name, company name, location, Url, etc from any website. They has also a chrome extension to find out personal and company contact information. They have Advance API that integrates with top CRMs.

Plan: It offers a free trial for 50 credits/month (Daily up to 10 credits). Their paid plan starts from $33/month for up to 1000 credits by unlimited users. They have also email and live chat support.

15. Adapt.io

Email Finder for B2B Lead Generation
Email Finder | Adapt.io

Adapt.io is a popular B2B lead generation tool. It works well as an email finder. They have an Adapt.io Extension for LinkedIn search that helps you to find out emails quickly. It helps you to get emails, location, Company Name, Social Url etc. Adapt.io has email, phone call, live chat online support team. Adapt.io 2 product plan like- (i) Lead Builder and (ii) Prospector.

Plan: They offer 7 days free trial for 20 credits with 03 licenses (No credit card required). Their pricing plan starts at $39/month for 12,00 credits.

16. LeadGibbon

LinkedIn Email Finder Extension
Email Finder | LeadGibbon

LeadGibbon has three products for lead generation like- (i) LinkedIn extension, (ii) Email enricher and (iii) Lead database. It is also one of the best email finder tools. You can find out email by using the LinkedIn extension quickly.

Plan: They offer 5 free credits for a new account. LeadGibbon provides email, live chat support online. Their paid plan starts from $49/month with 1000 credits per month.

17. Skrapp

Personal Email Finder
Email Finder | Skrapp

Skrapp is also the best personal email finder tool for lead generation. Skrapp lets you create a list of B2B leads, including their email address and other important contact details. You can build a sales funnel by Skrapp. It has four tools such as- (i) Extension, (ii) Bulk Email Finder (iii) Unit Email finder and (iv) Domain Search. They have LinkedIn Extension to find out a person’s contact information. They have also web, email, live chat support.

Plan: They have a free LinkedIn extension to find out a person’s contact information. Their paid plan starts at $49/month (Billed monthly) or $444/yearly (Billed yearly) for 1000 emails by 2 users.

18. Hiretual

Free Email Finder
Email Finder | Hiretual

Hiretual is an email finder tool that helps you to collect data from popular social media platforms. Such As- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. It has a powerful free email finder chrome extension to find email addresses. It has features like Clickable Market Insights across the talent pipeline. You can click into market insights charts to view real-time candidate profiles leverage market insights by this feature.

Plan: They have a free plan feature including AI Sourcing with 25 candidates per search and 3 contact credits per day. Their the paid plan starts at $79/month (Billed monthly) or $588/yearly (Billed yearly) with features including- AI Sourcing with 70 candidates per search, 1200 contact credits per year, 1200 profile exports per year, Bulk email outreach.

19. SellHack

Find Emails
Email Finder | SellHack

SellHack is another email finder tool. you can build prospects, find emails and build lead lists with this tool. Leading their industry in 12 steps, the real-time email verification Engine finds the best email address for your prospect lists in just a few seconds. It allows you to verify your bulk email. SellHack provides a chrome extension to find emails quickly.

Plan: They have 10 free credits per month. Their paid plan (Lite) starts from $5/month (Billed Monthly) with 100 credits. If you want, you can also purchase a yearly package.

20. Datanyze

Best Email Finder
Email Finder | Datanyze

Datanyze is also the best email finder tool. It has a chrome extension to find out contact information quickly. It helps you to find and connect with B2B Sales prospects within a minute using affordable and accurate information.

Plan: There is also the advantage to pay monthly and annual. Their paid plan’s price is $55/month (Billed monthly) with 90 credits or $468/year (Billed yearly) with 1080 credits.

Decide: We hope you’re now confident together with your choice. No matter whatever tools you select from above, you’ll get amazing results that’ll take your lead generation efforts to a replacement level. We still suggest choosing your email finder tool to support your lead generation goals and affordability. Have you ever used any of those tools above? Share your prospecting experience with us immediately. These tools are very important for your lead generation. Besides, we selected some of the best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools that will help you get the most effective and best-targeted email. We selected the best Email Marketing Platforms with Top SMTP service providers for your email marketing plan.

At A Glance – Email Finder Tools

SL. No.Email Finder ToolsExtensions/ Addons
1AeroLeads Chrome Extension
2Hunter Chrome Extension 
3SignalHireChrome Extension
4FindThatLead Chrome Extension
5ClearbitChrome Extension
6ContactOutChrome Extension
7Voila NorbertChrome Extension
8LushaChrome Extension
9GetProspectChrome Extension
10UpLead Chrome Extension
11RocketReachChrome Extension
12Anymail FinderNot Yet
13Prospect.ioChrome Extension
14Snov.io Chrome Extension
15Adapt.ioChrome Extension
16LeadGibbonCrhome Extension
17Skrapp Chrome Extension
18Hiretual Chrome Extension
19SellHackChrome Extension
20DatanyzeChrome Extension
Table of Email Finder Tools


If you want to get an active and targeted email, you need to get help from email finder tools. These tools are mainly used for lead generation. And emails are mostly used for business. Moreover, you can find out email for any need.
LinkedIn is the best platform to find a person's email. You can easily get a personal or company email and phone number from LinkedIn.
You can find out emails by pasting website domains through the Email Finder tool. And you can easily find individual or company emails quickly using browser extensions or addons.
In this case, there are some tools that only help to get emails, while there are some email finders that help to get emails, phone numbers, job titles, company names, etc. However, most tools provide all the information. So you should install and test all the tools.
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