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Shopify has both free and premium themes. In the case of dropshipping store create, if you want to save cost, you can use a free Shopify theme. Feel free to use a good free theme as each of them has the same features as the premium theme. Shopify is a full eCommerce platform that lets you start, grow and manage a business easily. We’ve researched and selected the ten free best Shopify themes you can use to build a professional eCommerce store.

1. Debut

Free Shopify Themes
Free Shopify Theme | Debut

Debut is the best theme among free Shopify themes to build a Shopify store or website. This is a flexible theme and it is suitable for all stores regardless of inventory size. You can basically use this even if you don’t have a lot of products. Also, if you do have a lot of products it can work for you too. It is clean, is very modern and is an awesome free Shopify template and Layout. It is a great theme and totally free.

You can build by the Debut theme it like a premium or paid theme. It is fully responsive. This is Shopify’s own free theme. You can build a Shopify store or website for dropshipping easily and start your own business. You will get a large and great header slider for displaying good imagery about your band.

You can customize the layout and display different content related to your brand at the top of the home page. You can use the single product page to display and highlight the product as you wish. This will allow users to better convert your store. Your customers can also share their reviews about your brand and products by using the comment box.

Main Features:

  • 2 Style– (i) Default, (ii) Light
  • Completely Free Shopify theme
  • Responsive theme like mobile, tablet, and desktop compatible
  • High Spead and SEO Ready
  • Lifetime theme updates for free and support from Shopify.

2. Simple

Free Shopify Themes For Clothing
Free Shopify Theme | Simple

Simple is a very clean and minimal free Shopify theme, perfect for showcasing products in the store. It is mobile-first responsive and has product image zoom. So, it is suitable for mobile and besides, tablets and desktops. You can feature upcoming events by embedding your web blog page.

The sidebar has an accordion menu so you can show your products to your users properly. It helps you fit extra products in a single fold of the page. You can install and use the Simple template with all types of stores ranging from different industries and segments.

Main Features:

  • 3 Style– (i) Light, (ii) Beauty, (iii) Toy
  • A completely free theme by Shopify
  • Mobile-first responsive mobile and tablet, and desktop compatible
  • Customizable sections on your homepage help you to target customers with the
  • proper statistics and .graphics.

3. Debutify

Free Premium Shopify Themes
Free Shopify Theme | Debutify

Debutify is a free Shopify theme that you can easily install with one click. You can build an 8, 7 figure Shopify store to increase conversion. It is your clothing or cosmetics store online suitable for all kinds of Shopify stores. Whether you work with organic foods or fitness supplements, you can rely on the Debutify theme for your various business needs.

To get access to advanced add-ons you need to make a selection of their premium plans. The Debutify theme has functionality features including sticky add-to-cart buttons, cart discounts, add-to-cart animations, cart countdown, cart targets and collection add-to-carts.

Main Features:

  • Free theme for Shopify store design
  • Smart marketing features
  • Advance add-ons (Premium)
  • Support by Debutify

4. Supply

Free Shopify Theme Download
Free Shopify Theme | Supply

Supply is a very clean and flexible free Shopify theme to use. You can use it for furniture in any luxury store. So, If you have a large catalog of products, Supply is the best theme for your Shopify dropshipping store. Because it allows visitors to easily jump from one category to another.

Search navigation of Supply is pretty quick and easy to sift through products on your store, giving your users better access to a variety of products without wasting time. In the footer section, you can edit the content displayed at the bottom of each page in your store. You can add social media icons, payment icons, a horizontal menu, newsletter signup, custom text, quick links to your footer.

Main Features:

  • 2 style– (i) Blue, (ii) Light
  • One of the few free themes for Shopify that is built for big stores.
  • Easy customization on the home page of your store or website.
  • Run slideshows on the homepage to display a range of top-rated products to users.

5. Narrative

Fast Free Shopify Theme

Narrative is a great free Shopify theme for your niche. There are four different styles of this theme – Earthy, Warm, Light and Cold. You can build a beautiful store according to your niche for your Dropshipping business. You can easily install and use the theme for your modern apparel store for dropshipping. Even you can showcase product pages intuitively to your users on the store or website.

It has static navigation features that enhance the user experience. As a result, they can see menu, logo, and cart options as they scrolling down on your store. Narrative offers mobile-friendly design, and so, you can showcase featured products properly to users on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

Main Features:

  • 4 style– (i) Earthy, (ii) Warm, (iii) Light, (iv) Cold.
  • Get free update for the theme.
  • Autoplay your product or brand video at the top of the homepage to increase engagement.
  • A wide layout of this theme helps you display the imagery in your store the right way.

6. Boundless

Best Free Shopify Themes For Store

Boundless is also a free Shopify theme that is mobile-first responsive and tablet and desktop friendly. By install the Boundless theme, You can build your dropshipping store or website with large images for free. It is a free template of Shopify that you can explore and test. The theme offers you two styles – 1. Black and White, and 2. Vibrant.

The Black and White style offers a subtle design for your general niche. You can use the Vibrant style to display high-resolution impressive imagery and interesting products. For better conversions, you can list your best-selling/discount products in gallery format on the home page of your store.

Main Features:

  • 2 ‍style– (i) Black and White, (ii) Vibrant
  • Responsive template and mobile-first, tables and desktop user friendly
  • Slideshows with fade effect and hover effect on image
  • Sticky navigation that lets your users easily navigate through your online store.

7. Venture

Free Theme for shopify

Venture is a Shopify theme that is ideal for stores with a large number of products. It is totally free Shopify theme for you. You can start your business by using the theme for free. The theme is designed for high-volume stores with large inventories. It offers three different styles like Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing.

This is a free template of Shopify that comes with a beautiful interface. It has a hover effect on the product image. Besides, You can highlight the same by display a large Sales/Discount banner on the top of your homepage. Overall, It is very easy to build your dropshipping website.

Main Features:

  • Responsive theme and SEO Friendly
  • 3 styles– (i) Snowboards, (ii) Outdoors, (iii) Boxing.
  • Show multiple product or brand images on your home page.
  • Get lifetime free updates and support

8. Brooklyn

free shopify theme templates
Free Shopify Theme | Brooklyn

Brooklyn is also the best free Shopify theme. It is a theme tailored for the modern apparel store. The Brooklyn theme comes with a slideshow header option to display multiple top-selling products in front of your store. You can also list your store’s most popular and top-rated products dynamically.

This comes with two styles such as – “Classic” and “Playful”. You can install and use the Classic version for modern apparel and clothing stores. The style comes with a bright outlook. And the Playful version could be used for bakery stores, kid’s clothing, etc.

Main Features:

  • 2 styles– (i) Classic, (ii) Playful
  • Homepage video (YouTube or Vimeo video ) lets you engage with your users
  • Mobile-friendly design to boost your sales.
  • Lifetime regular update

9. Express

free shopify theme for single product

Express is the best Shopify free theme as designed specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce. It is a mobile-first responsive template. This is a great theme for one page stores where you can display all your products on a single page. The theme is the best choice for you to boost your sales because most users use mobile devices.

You can display the featured section of your top products on the home page itself, where your users can shop instantly without being distracted. Also, since most users can access your online store using a smartphone, responsiveness is a key factor, so Express is designed for multiple screen sizes. However, you can easily start your business by using this theme on Shopify.

Main Features:

  • 2 styles– (i) Bistro, (ii) Pantry
  • Mobile-first designed
  • Responsive and multiple screen sizes supported
  • Get Lifetime free updates and support

10. Minimal

Free Shopify Themes 2021

Minimal is also a free Shopify theme that is great for food and drink, Large catalogs editorial content. This is a wide-layout responsive theme for free completely by Shopify that looks great on any device. It is a simple, clean theme among the best free Shopify themes that keep the focus on your products.

The theme has also three styles like other Shopify themes. Such as– Vintage, Fashion and Modern. Logo images for this theme should be 450px x 200px. You can resize the logo image by reducing the width. The theme can be used for both small and large catalog stores to build Shopify stores.

Main Features:

  • 3 styles– (i) Vintage, (ii) Fashion, (iii) Modern
  • A wide-layout responsive theme
  • Supported for any devices
  • Users are able to easily search for their desired products by product filtering.
  • Get free update totally and support

💖Recommendation For Best Free Shopify Theme💖

You can definitely use any one of these 10 themes. Free Shopify themes are also very fast, easy to use, responsive, highly customizable. We recommend you to use Debut or Debutify for free. Besides, You can use any free or paid themes. But you will get less features in the free theme than paid theme. However, If you want to start your dropshipping business without the cost of the theme, you can use any one free theme. Shopify’s paid themes are more expensive than WordPress themes. You can also build your eCommerce or dropshipping store with a WordPress theme. WordPress also has many free and paid themes. We have researched and selected the top 10 free WordPress themes. However, it is true that Shopify is better than WordPress for a dropshipping business.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Shopify is a totally eCommerce platform to build online stores for eCommerce or dropshipping websites. The main of causes using the platform is a dropshipping business. Shopify handles everything you need to manage and grow your business & store. One advantage of using the platform is that you don't have to buy any tools from other platforms, they provide everything. So even people of beginner labels can use it easily.
When you start your business, you can build a professional dropshipping store or website just like the premium theme by installing Shopify free theme without the cost of the theme.
The main reason is that it can easily build a complete eCommerce website in a short time and start a business. This platform is mainly used for e-commerce and dropshipping business.
Shopify offers 14 days Free Trial. After 14 days or the free trial days, you can signup for any of their three plans. Basic Shopify plan is $29/mo, Shopify plan is $79/mo, and Advanced Shopify plan is $299/mo
Shopify and WordPress are both popular platforms for website builders. However, a slight difference can be noticed between the two. Shopify is a totally paid platform for you. Shopify is fully an eCommerce platform that is most commonly used to build eCommerce websites or dropshipping stores. Shopify provides everything for your store setup. So you have no extra trouble. You do not have to buy any other tools form another platform. But you have to pay for the domain to setup full site with main domain. You can set up by purchasing domains from other domain selling platforms if you want. On the other hand, WordPress is a completely free CMS for which you do not have to pay anything. But you have to pay separately for domain and hosting. You can set up by purchasing domains and hosting from other companies. With WordPress, you can build any type of website including eCommerce or dropshipping websites. In fact, creating an eCommerce or dropshipping store will cost more for Shopify than WordPress. Even then, we recommend you If you want to create a dropshipping store, use Shopify. Because in this case, Shopify has more features than WordPress.
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