15 Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools | Find Best Insta Tags

Are you using Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool? Or can’t find a good tool? Yes, we have selected 15 of the best, popular and effective hashtag generator tools for Instagram. These tools aren’t just for Instagram; On the contrary, they work well on any of the best social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr etc. If you use the hashtag generator tool, it will save you time ‍and you can increase likes, followers etc. These tools are able to find your main hashtag as well as many more post-related hashtags in a matter of moments.

Now maybe you are wondering whether the tools are paid or free. Yes, you can use almost all the tools to generate Instagram hashtags for free. But in addition to finding Insta tags, the plan needs to be upgraded to get permission to use other features such as tracking, monitoring, auto services, content concepts, use of related tools, support, etc. However, there are some tools that you can get all the features for free for other social media platforms including Instagram. In fact, almost all tools allow you to generate hashtags for free. So read the content, learn, make the right decision and reach your goal.

01. Keyword Tool

Instagram Hashtag Generator
Instagram Hashtag Generator – Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is the best Instagram hashtag generator when you pay to use the paid version. With the tool, you can generate and select hundreds of relevant hashtags in a matter of seconds. With Keyword Tool, you can create a list of popular and trending long tail Instagram hashtags as per your need. To get Instagram hashtags, just type the word related to the topic of your post in the search box of the Instagram option and press Enter. Instantly, The tool will show a list of Instagram hashtags that you can use for your Instagram posts to increase followers, likes etc. You will see the number of posts for each hashtag on Instagram.

This allows you to filter. If you only want to find popular or trending Insta tags, you can get one by using the filter option. Using filters, you can choose the most or least popular hashtags according to your needs. You will see hundreds or thousands of related hashtags for posts on Instagram, including the number of posts in each hashtag. But you will get very limited information for free. So you should use the Keyword Tool Instagram Pro plan to get more data. More Info…

02. Tailwind

Instagram Hashtag Generator - Tailwind
Tailwind Pinterest & Instagram Hashtag Generator

Tailwind is another best Instagram hashtag generator to find Insta tags. Besides, It generates hashtags for Pinterest. This Instagram hashtag generator tool provides intelligent hashtag recommendations based on the post you want to publish. You can schedule posts directly to Instagram via AutoPost by adding hashtags to the first comment in seconds. Tailwind helps you choose the best time to post and increase engagement. That is, Tailwind’s SmartSchedule helps to choose the best times to post when your audience is already the busiest to get the most engagement from each post.

You can analyze what works in each post and profile. This allows you to see all of your top posts in one place and you’ll get a snapshot of the growth of your Instagram profile at a glance. As a result, you can make smarter, more compelling decisions for your audience. To create an account here, you need a Pinterest account for Pinterest hashtag generating and you need an Instagram account for Instagram hashtag generating. That is, you need to connect with your Instagram account or Pinterest account.

Tailwind offers a trial or free plan forever that is limited features. They have a monthly and a yearly billing plan for 3 paid plans. The paid plan starts at $9.99/month when billed annually ($239.88/yearly) or $19.99/month when billed monthly. More Info…

03. TagsFinder

Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool - TagsFinder
Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool – TagsFinder

TagsFinder is also a free popular hashtag generator tool in the world. You can search for hashtags based on your 10 keywords together. It is an Instagram hashtag generator tool that finds the top 30 hashtags based on your keyword. Just paste or write your keyword in the search box and press “Enter” on the keyboard or click on the “Search!” button and then get the top 30 related tags for your Instagram post. The tool has advanced features to find Insta tags or hashtags. It has related keyword finding, banned hashtags, hashtag statistics and more features. You can skip related hashtags on any words like sex, porn, gay, girl, boy, like/follow and more topics. It allows you to search based on your targeted country.

Instagram blocks constantly some hashtags. So you have to discard these hashtags for your post. Another important feature of this tool is, it removes hashtags that have been blocked on Instagram from the list. You can view these blocked hashtags from the “Banned Hashtags” option if you wish. You can check out the best hashtags in your country or location (Top 30 cities, states). You can see a list of hashtags that have been used the most in your targeted country as a percentage. TagsFinder is a free hashtag generator tool forever that allows you to use all features for free and find Insta tags. More Info…

04. Bigbangram

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator - Bigbangram
Instagram Hashtag Generator – Bigbangram

Bigbangram Generator is also another free Instagram hashtag generator that is the best choice for those who value quality and safety at first. It helps you get better results in Instagram promotions: views, likes, followers and sales. You can use the Bigbangram generator on any device such as your smartphone, personal computer etc. This way you will have more chances, such as it allows you to see the statistics of a particular hashtag, whether the hashtag will be used frequently, the most popular hashtags, etc. It has been integrated automatic system and you get hashtags results in seconds by a quick search. They make constant updates to the system so that quality is ensured.

This is a simple interface. It is very easy to use and you don’t need any other setting to use it. You can enter to generate Instagram hashtags up to 5 keywords in one go and the system can find out related and best Insta tags for your post. However, you can the tool without any hassle because the Bigbangram hashtag generator tool does not violate the Instagram rules in any way and legal hashtags for your post. Bigbangram’s hashtag finder is a free tool forever. More Info…

05. Sistrix

Instagram Hashtag Generator Multiple words - Sistrix
Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool – Sistrix

Sistrix has also another the best free Instagram hashtag generator tool that is easy to use. It allows doing up to 25 queries a day and once the limit is reached, you have to do a registration. All you have to do is enter a hashtag or any keyword in the Instagram hashtag generator box. Based on these keywords, the tool will bring up the top 30 hashtags related to your keywords that are most popular on Instagram. It allows you to copy the searching result.

Sistrix’s Instagram hashtags generator is a completely free tool. No money, no subscription fee. If once the limit is reached, you can use it for free forever by doing registration. Although it is a free tool, it provides you with accurate data for Instagram. However, you can use it faithfully for your posts on Instagram. More Info…

06. Flick

Instagram Hashtag Generator and Analytics Tool - Flick
Instagram Hashtag Generator and Analytics Tool – Flick

Flick is an Instagram hashtag generator and analytics tool. It helps you to find the best Insta tags for your post and track their performance on Instagram. Flick allows you to connect your Instagram page link and you can set it up easily. For each search, the tool suggests 40 hashtags that are niche-related to your post. It works in 20+ languages in the world. It has a banned/ flagged hashtag checker that checks for hashtags that are not allowed on Instagram. You can filter using keys from hashtag metrics. You can see which hashtags are performing best and so you can choose the best-targeted hashtag ‍for your posts. They have tutorials, training, troubleshooting.

Flick offers 7 days free trial that is allowed for each of all plans and after that, you have to pay for a paid package and you can cancel anytime your plan. Flick has four paid plans for monthly and yearly billing like Solo, Growth, Pro and Agency. The “Growth” plan is recommended for content creators and entrepreneurs. Their paid plan starts from £7/month when billed yearly or £10/month when billed monthly. More Info…

07. All Hashtag

Instagram Hashtag Generator - All Hashtag
Hashtag Generator For Social Media Posting- All Hashtag

All Hashtag works as Instagram Hashtag Generator, Twitter Hashtag Generator, Facebook Hashtag Generator and Hashtag Generator of any social media posting. This is a free hashtag generator website that allows you to generate and analyze fast and easy best relevant hashtags for your social media content posting and marketing. It generates thousands of relevant hashtags for your social media posts. The tool offers an analytics feature for free that allows you to see how a hashtag performs and check popularity with other hashtags.

You can see the top 100 hashtags which hashtags are today, 7 days, last time, all-time the most popular. However, you can get ideas about the best hashtags for posting on social media platforms. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them, they provide solutions for free.

All Hashtag is a completely free hashtag generator tool. You can use it for free forever without sign-up or account creation. It has an analytics tool that you can also it for a free lifetime. Although it is a free tool, it provides accurate results. More Info…

08. DisplayPurposes

Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram - Display Purposes
Best Hashtag Generator and Analysis Tool for Instagram

DisplayPurposes is another of the best Instagram hashtag generator and the analytics tool that helps you to find the most popular hashtags and analyze your Instagram profile. You can generate Insta tags for free and analyze your Instagram profile. As an analytics tool, it provides post numbers, trends, used in the profile, last usage and more data on your main hashtag or related hashtags. Type your hashtags or topic in the search box and get the top 30 Instagram hashtags. And to add your Instagram profile for the analysis feature, paste your Instagram user name in the search box below and then click on the “Scan profile” button. It finds out relevant hashtags for your posting and filters out banned and spammy tags.

DisplayPurposes has both free and paid plans. You can generate and analyze Instagram hashtags for free. But if you want to track or analyze your profile with more data, you need to upgrade your plan. DiplayPurposes offer three paid plan like “STARTER”, “GROWTH” and “PRO” for monthly and yearly billing. The STARTER plan’s price is $5/month when billed yearly or $19/month when billed monthly. More Info…

09. Kicksta

Instagram Hashtag Generator Free - Kicksta
Instagram Hashtag Generator – Kicksta

Kicksta has a powerful Instagram hashtag generator tool that helps you to find trending hashtags, unique hashtags or ideal hashtags for your industry and you will get the best options. You can generate top, random and best match Insta tags. It’s a tool for finding out what hashtags others have used on their profiles. Kicksta’s Hashtag Generator is the tool that helps you to grow Instagram engagement and boost follower numbers. It automatically generates dozens of hashtags based on the topic in seconds. You can create hashtag groups lists.

Kicksta offers a free tool to generate Instagram hashtags that you can use without a subscription fee. On the other hand, They have paid plans that provide more features such as supports, analysis advantages, Growth speed and more. Kicksta offers a 14-days money-back guarantee. Their paid plan starts at $49 per month and you can cancel anytime subscription. More Info…

10. RiteTag

Social Media Hashtag Generator tool - RiteTag
Social Media Hashtag Generator – RiteTag

RiteTag is a free Instagram hashtag generator that helps you to get instant Hashtag suggestions for images and texts on desktop and mobile. You will get hashtag suggestions wherever you manage your social media profiles. The tool finds out based on real-time hashtag engagement for your Instagram posting. You can compare group hashtags on RiteTag and add to posts from RiteForge and RiteBoost. RiteTag has a Chrome browser extension and app on Google play (RiteTag Hashtag Toolkit) & Mac app store (RiteTag Hashtag Generator).

RiteTag offers a free Insta tag generator tool and you can use it for free forever. However, the tool does good works for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Buffer. More Info…

11. Hashtagify

Instagram Hashtag Generator - Hashtagify
Twitter and Instagram Hashtag Generator – Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a premium hashtag generator tool for Twitter and Instagram. It finds out the best hashtag and related hashtag for your posting. You can monitor your post performance and exploit the best hashtag suggestions. It has analytics, tracking, metrics and more features. It allows you to tracks Insta tags and Twitter tags for your post. You can see others’ posts on your topic and get ideas from hashtags and others’ posts.

It is a tool that allows you to find and manage hashtags for Twitter and Instagram from one place. It supports multiple languages like English, Estonian, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Spanish and more languages. The tool provides the data of popularity, recent popularity, month trend, week trend on the based of the country.

Hashtagify offers a 7-day free trial to search for Twitter and Instagram Hashtags. But, you can search for only Twitter hashtag finding for free with limited data (10 hashtags). Hashtagify provides guides, tutorials and support for paid plans. Their paid plan starts at $19/month when billed yearly ($228) or $29/month when billed monthly. More Info…

12. Keyhole

Instagram Hashtag Generator and Analytics Tool - Keyhole
Hashtag Analytics & Tracking and Generator Tool – Keyhole

Keyhole is also one of the other Instagram hashtag generator tools that track Instagram hashtags. It doesn’t just work for Instagram hashtag analytics; Rather it also works for all other social media like TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a tool that can accurately track hashtags for all social media from a single dashboard. And you can measure and prove the impact of your social media campaigns, events and influencers at the right time with effortless reporting. You can find trending topics or Insta tags that are relevant to your brand and you always stay relevant and ahead of the pack. It helps you to Identify the most successful influencers within your industry. Test and track them using Keyhole.

Keyhole’s paid plan is very different from other Instagram hashtag generator platforms. They have both trial and premium or paid plans. However, they will inform you via email how long the trial offer is. They have both monthly and annual billing methods. How much you pay monthly or annually will depend on what kind of service you want to take. They will let you know about this in your email. The price of the service may change with a 30-day notice from Keyhole. More Info…

13. MetaHashtags

Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool and Tracking -  MetaHashtags
Instagram Hashtag Generator and Tracking – MetaHashtags

MetaHashtags is a powerful Instagram hashtag generator tool that is an awesome interface. Just type any hashtag or keyword or account on the hashtag generator search box, then click on the “Generate Hashtag” button and get the best Insta tags based on your main keyword. This is a tool that lets you see which account your desired hashtag has been used in, as well as what other hashtags have been used in the account. That is, you will see other Instagram post contents, pictures, hashtags on your topics etc. You can use this tool without any hesitation because you can manually see what others have posted here, what hashtags they have used, how their post engagement is, and so on. The tool is very easy to use from other hashtag finder tools. So, find Instagram hashtags, select & use the best hashtags and track your posting hashtags on Instagram.

MetaHashtags allows you to find Instagram hashtags for free with a little data. So, we recommend upgrading your plan if you want to work professionally. They offer 7 days money-back guarantee. You can cancel anytime your subscription without abusive contracts. They have 3 (three) paid plans. Their paid plan starts at 6€/month when billed annually (72€/year) or 9€/month when billed monthly. More Info…

14. Hashatit

Instagram Hashtag Generator Free Tool - Hashatit

Social Media and Instagram Hashtag Generator Free Tool – Hashatit

Hashatit is one of the best Instagram hashtag generator tools and it is completely free. This is a super simple and easy hashtag finder. Just type your hashtag or keyword, and press Enter to see your results. You can filter the results to change the parameters. It doesn’t just work as an Instagram hashtag generator; It works great for finding hashtags on other the top social media platforms. Finds hashtags for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Reddit and Flickr. You will be able to view data separately from these social media by filtering for specific platforms. By using your selected hashtags, you can find out which posts are trending, what related hashtags have been used in the post, what kind of content, etc.

Hashatit is a totally free hashtag generator to find Insta tags and hashtags on the other top social media platforms. Sign up for free to become a member of the HASHATIT community and experience the world of hashtags to the fullest. So no money, no cost. Post by using the best hashtags Grow your engagement online. More Info…

15. Inflact

Hashtag Generator For Instagram - Inflact
Hashtag Generator For Instagram – Inflact

Inflact is also another hashtag generator for Instagram. Here you can generate hashtags for Instagram by typing keywords, uploading photos and pasting URLs. Inflect is an Instagram hashtag generator tool that is an AI-powered tool and allows you to get hashtag suggestions in seconds. It can also suggest hashtags by analyzing images for your posts. Inflact allows you to search for hashtags in any language and you get results by location.

It offers a free plan forever to generate Insta tags or hashtags. This tool ‍offers also a pro plan that tracks your hashtags and lets you use analytics features to grow your business. They have four modules for paid plans. These are Promo, Direct, Schedule Posting and Hashtag Generator. The Hashtag Generator module’s price starts from $14/2 weeks per account. More Info…

Best Recommend For You

Are you hesitant? Can’t decide right? No tension. You can use any of the mentioned Instagram hashtag generator tools without any hesitation. However, you can use the tool that you think is easy and comfortable to use. We recommend using hashtags in your Instagram posts because hashtags help your content reach your niche targeted audience faster. You can even use Insta tags to increase likes and followers for free.

In addition to using Instagram hashtags to grow your business, you need to follow some secret Instagram marketing strategies. You also need to know other social media marketing tips, such as Pinterest Marketing Tips, Facebook Marketing Tips, YouTube Marketing Tips, Google Marketing, Best Email Marketing Platform Use and SalesFanel Strategies, etc.

FAQs About Instagram Hashtag Generator and Insta Tags

  • What is a Hashtag and why?
    Hashtags are used to categorize posts with a # sign before a letter, number and / or a word. Using hashtags in Instagram posts is a free strategy. You can increase engagement on your account or post for free by using hashtags. Hashtags are mainly used for posting on social media platforms. Such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr etc.
  • Why are an Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool used?
    The reasons why the Instagram hashtag generator tool is used are: Finding the best hashtags quickly, deleting and showing blocked hashtags, which hashtags are performing best now, what other hashtags have been used in their posts, tracking and monitoring your hashtags, what’s the current trend, what are related hashtags, data updating, save time, auto post, others Get ideas from posts or content etc.
  • Why should the hashtags be used in Instagram posts?
    Hashtags play an important role in getting your posts or content to your Instagram visitors quickly. When you use hashtags in one of your posts, your post is included in the relevant hashtag story for that hashtag, which also appears on the hashtag page.
  • How many hashtags are allowed to be used in Instagram posts?
    Instagram lets you use up to 30 Insta tags or hashtags per post. If you want to add more than this number, the post will not upload.

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