SMTP Servers | Top 10 SMTP Service Providers For Email Marketing

Are you looking for an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server for email marketing? Can’t find a good SMTP service provider? Yes, we have selected for you by researching the 10 Best SMTP Service Providers for Very Powerful and Highly Email Indexing. If you want to increase conversion in your marketing panel at a low cost then you can take the help of these. You can send any number of your emails through these. This is a very effective marketing plan to increase your product sales and engagement. Because email is used more for different needs of people.

1. SMTP.Com


SMTP.Com is one of the leading SMTP servers for email marketing. It offers a powerful API for sending transactional emails that integrate seamlessly with WordPress using the WP Mail SMTP plugin. SMTP relays are the main focus of their business. So, they offer one of the best deliverables with high email volume worldwide.

You get a full report on the number of emails sending and Opens. Their domain reputation management features help ensure that your email always lands in the user’s inbox.

You can use Because, you can send automated site notification emails, registration emails, authentication emails,
confirmation orders from the WooCommerce store of your website, status updates etc.

Pricing: Their paid plans start from $25 per month with features like Shared IP, Email Relay API, 24/7 Support, Detailed Reporting, Reputation defender.

2. Sendinblue

SMTP relay service

Sendinblue is one of the best SMTP servers to send bulk emails to beginners. They offer powerful email marketing platform features including transactional email, email marketing, SMS marketing, and live chat. Sendinblue provides a highly extensible API and SMTP relay service that improves your email delivery for instant transaction emails.

You can easily design an awesome email template or newsletter by the drag and drop tool. It works well with WordPress and many other third-party platforms. Such as- OptinMonster, Salesforce, Google Analytics and more platforms. They also provide powerful personalization and marketing automation features to help you promote your marketing.

Pricing: SendinBlue allows you to send 300 emails per day, a free plan forever. Their paid plans range from $25/month with 40,000 emails/month and there is no limit to the daily sending.

3. Amazon SES

Cloud-based SMTP Server
Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a powerful cloud-based SMTP service provider for marketers and developers. You can easily send marketing, notification and transactional email promotions.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a leader in the cloud computing infrastructure industry. They also provide Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) as an add-on to their web services. It is an SMTP server that has the proof to guarantee highly inboxing email delivery.

Pricing: If your website is hosted on AWS, you can use their free level to send 62,000 emails per month. On the other hand, For other websites, prices start at $0.10 for every 1,000 emails for 200 emails sending per day you send. But you will get permission to send emails for your websites to other hosted companies. In this case, you will apply to amazon SES to send more emails for your business.

4. SendGrid

SMTP Service

SendGrid is one of the best SMTP service providers for email marketing funnel. It is a popular email service provider in the world. SendGrid is a powerful cloud-based SMTP server that allows you to send mass emails without having to operate an SMTP server. It provides superior scalability with a robust set of features.

You can build your sales funnel fast. Their SMTP relay is easy to set up and works with any WordPress website. This includes email delivery optimization tools, email analytics, an email template with an easy email editor, and integration with third-party applications and services. They have technical support too.

Pricing: SendGrid allows sending 100 emails per day for free forever. Its features included in the free plan are- APIs, SMTP Relay, and Webhooks, Delivery Optimization & Management Tools, Dynamic Template or Newsletter Editor, Insightful Analytics, Ticket Support etc. The paid plan starts from $14.95 per month with 1,00,000 emails sending.

5. Google Workspace (G Suite)

Google SMTP
Google Workspace (G Suite)

Google Workspace (G Suite) is best for your small business website and blog. It is a highly inboxing email delivery service provider.
Google Workspace or G Suite for Business is Google’s Productivity Suite. It lets you use Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Photos and Gmail with your domain name.

This allows you to get a professional business email account while still using Google’s familiar interface. G Suite gives permission to use Google SMTP servers to send emails. You can set up a business or custom email account with your website or domain (For example [email protected]). Then you can send emails by this business email through Google WorkSpace or Google SMTP.

Pricing: They have 14 days free trial with 500 email sending. After that, you are to pay the monthly charge. Their monthly charge starts from is $6 with 2000 email messages sending per day.

6. Mailjet

Free SMTP Server

Mailjet is a popular SMTP service provider in the world. It is a complete email marketing solution. Mailjet offers a free SMTP server. This gives the email creator easy access, allowing you to create responsive and engaging emails with drag and drop tools.

Their powerful distribution infrastructure takes billions of emails to the inbox every month.
Their auto-scaling mechanism adapts to volume to ensure that emails are sent at high volume moments. It has over 720 servers worldwide to give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Pricing: Mailjet offers a free plan (No credit card required) for sending 6000 emails per month (200 email sending per day). Their paid plan is starting at $15 (Billed monthly) for sending 15000 emails per month (No daily sending limit)

7. Mailgun

SMTP Server

Mailgun is also a popular SMTP server for developers and big businesses. They provide powerful APIs for sending transactional emails. It’s very easy to integrate into your WordPress website and you can build an email marketing plan quickly. Whether you are an eCommerce store, a small business, Mailgan provides good SMTP services to send your email.

Mailgun is built for developers, Prepared for questions, Engineered for reliability and initial-friendly features. It is a very powerful email marketing tool for your small or big business.

Pricing: They have a free trial to send 5,000 emails per month for 3 months. For free Trail, It has features including Email APIs, SMTP Relay, and Webhooks Suppression Management, Email Tracking feature and Analytics, 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA, 5 Days of Log Retention, Detailed Documentation, Limited 24/7 online Ticket Support. Their paid plan starts from $35 per month with including 50,000 emails.

8. SparkPost

Best SMTP Servers

SparkPost is one of the best SMTP servers for email marketing. It is the most performant email delivery service available fast. The SMTP platform is powered by the industry’s largest data network, with a team of email experts to help brands improve every aspect of their email programs and a secure and compliant approach to support the most regulated industries. The most sophisticated senders in the world trust SparkPost to improve their email.

SparkPost give permission for both dedicated IP and shared IP environments. This provides flexibility for the sender when creating or maintaining the sender’s reputation. SparkPost delivers nearly 40% of all B2C & B2B emails and claims 99.9% uptime, guaranteed by SLA.

Pricing: They have no trial plan. Their starter plan starts from $20/month with 12,500 emails sending per day. You can grow your business by using this SMTP.

9. Postmark

Best SMTP Service

Postmark is also one of the SMTP service providers for websites, marketers and businesses. They provide fast email delivery with easy integration.

It is expert to send transactional emails. They have focused on delivery and speed. Postmark provides easy-to-follow email analytics, mobile-friendly templates, account security, message events triggered with general webhooks etc.

Pricing: They have also a trial and their paid plan starts from $10/monthly with 10000 emails sending per month.

10. TurboSMTP


TurboSMTP is one of the best SMTP servers for your email marketing. Their outgoing mail server guarantees secure SMTP relays. Besides, it’s ideal to send transactional emails. They also provide a free SMTP server service and an SMTP API for developers of cloud applications.

The professional and the enterprise plan have MailStyler template creator for email newsletters or templates creation. TurboSMTP provides 24/7 support via tickets, live chat and telephone.

Pricing: It has a free plan that you allows to Send 6,000 emails every month, 200 a day, for 12 months. Their basic plan’s price starts from $14.95 per month with 1000 relay/month. They offer 2 months free by the yearly bill.

Decision: You can use any one or more of this 10 SMTP freely. We suggest that you must have a business email or email under your domain for highly indexing. You can send more emails according to your plan with one click with the help of SMTP. You can use it for any size of business or service. SMTP is mainly used for large size businesses. On the other hand, we have selected the 10 best email marketing service providers for small or medium-sized businesses. However, We recommend, use SMTP services to boost your service or any products for small, medium, big-sized businesses.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The full meaning of SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a powerful protocol that provides reliable and effective email transmission. It is an e-mail service based on the FTP file transfer service. SMTP is mainly used to transfer e-mail messages between systems and provide notifications about incoming letters. You can usually find your SMTP server's address in your mail client's Accounts. The SMTP server processes your email, determines which server to send the message to, and relays the message to that server.
The main advantage of using it is that you can send any number of emails and your service or product can reach more people. You can use SMTP service for any size of business or agency.
It depends on your SMTP service provider. If your service provider is good, your email message is likely to be indexed. In this case, if your email is a business email, then the message is most likely to be indexed.
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